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iuVCS version history beta 2011 July 06
 - Improved "fill bordes" filter has been included.
 - Increased buffer size to store codec settings (for xvid).
 - For audio splitting the Inf tee filter uses now instead the smart tee.
 - Support for Hauppauge HDPVR Colossus hardware encoder. beta 2011 March 08
 - Bug fixed: Wrong work of save profile/load profile functions 
    in 32-bit build under Win64. beta 2011 March 02
 - Bug fixed: Snapshot returns non-original frame size under EVR beta (private build) 2011 February 19
 - Bug fixed: Snapshot function does not work when EVR renderer uses
 - New command line keys: /f: and /d: to force filename and duration. beta 2010 December 23
 - Changes in audio sample assignment routines. beta 2010 December 19
 - Bug Fixed: Segmentation does not work with Wave Dest muxer. beta 2010 October 21
 - Bug Fixed: Wrong encoder state after profile loaded. beta 2010 October 14
 - Bug Fixed: Deluxe version: Under some conditions a wrong writer filter can be
   used as writer for MPEG2 encoding. beta 2010 October 04
 - Bug fixed: Specified preset not loaded by scheduler
 - Minor changes in the segmentation routines. beta 2010 September 24
 - To avoid conflict with Windows Aero the EVR renderer uses 
   when it available. beta 2010 September 19
 - Update speed of the audio indicator has been increased.
 - Changes in the rendering routines for DV devices. beta 2010 September 9
 - Bug Fixed: A panes layot created by 32-bit version 
    can not be loaded by 64-bit version and vice-versa.
   Sorry but all 32-bit users will need to  re-create panes 
   layout at this version.
 - Audio indicator at the audiomixer pane now works for DV devices too. beta 2010 August 28
 - Changed interface to select audio compression and format.
 - The iuDump filter now returns written bytes count if muxer does not 
   support it.
 - Some improvements for DV capture module.
 - Deluxe version: Fixed many bugs related with migration to new MPEG2 encoder. beta 2010 August 25
 - Updated decimation filter beta 2010 July 31
 - Updated iuLab Crop filter
 - Deluxe version: Updated MPEG2 encoder engine beta 2010 June 25
 - Snapshots can be saved in jpg and png formats.
 - WM_COMMAND/VCR_STATUS code handler for remote control implemented. beta 2010 March 30
 - Fixed: .ini loads instead last used profile. beta 2010 March 14
 - Support for Beholder Hardware MPEG2 encoders added (Thanks TAB for help). beta 2010 March 7
 - Bug fixed: preset specified in command line not accounted when /task key used beta 2009 December 27
 - New analog channel type: FM radio
 - Brazilian Portuguese localization added beta 2009 September 09
 - Fixed: Deluxe version: at some cases channel switching fails if preview 
  inactive. beta 2009 September 04
 - Fixed: Deluxe version: segmentation does not work for digital sources. beta 2009 August 27
 - Support for hauppauge hardware encoders
 - Updated mpeg2 decoder for Deluxe version (only 32 bit version yet)
 - Undocomented feature to record closed captions beta 2009 August 22
 - New command line switch /REC to begin record automatically at iuvcs startup.
 - Fixed: record.mpg files creates at startap in the application home folder beta 2009 August 17
 - Basic ATSC/clear QAM support (scanning and tuning) in Deluxe version.
 - Fixed: BDA preview does not start at startup in Deluxe version.
 - Fixed: Scheduled record never stop for BDA devices.
 - Another fixes for BDA devices support. beta 2009 June 22
 - Changes in the video input assignment algoritm
 - During record by scheduler a broadcast name substitutes to recoded file 
   name now.
 - Fixed: Scheduled task does not start when the "Run Only If Logged On" 
   option selected. beta 2009 April 11
 - Fixed: problem with muxers which do not have output. beta 2009 April 6
 - Fixed: exception in the iuLab Image Overlay filter. beta 2009 April 4
 - "Improved preview performance..." feature has been removed. 
   Some devices does not like it.
 - The "Wave dest" muxer filter has been added to record audio only to wave files.
 - The Channels pane now displays fraquency in megahertzes.
 - New filter iuLab Image Overlay has been included.
 - Fixed: incorrect ranges updating for Value box in the Channels pane.
 - Fixed: exception in the frame format dialog when format can not be changed.
 - Fixed: The 'Properties' button of the 'filters' pane may be falsely disabled. beta 2009 January 9
 - Improved preview performance when video filters chain is empty.
 - Changes in the algorithm of hardware mpeg2 encoder detection.
 - New control on the common options tab to specify delay for numpad keys.
 - Fixed: 80040154 error code when Deluxe version tries to work with DVB device. beta 2009 January 4
 - Checkbox to force stereo mode for analog TV tuners.
 - New items for channels pane's pop-up menu.
 - Improved behaviour for controls to specify time in the "new task" window.
 - Channel scanning for aerial and cable grids have been changed.
 - New pop-up menu for preview window called by middle mouse button (wheel)
   to quick select tv-channel.
 - Fixed: Segmented recording does not work for DV devices.
 - Fixed: Several small bugs of the 'channels' pane.
 - Fixed: The "iuLab field swap" filter can be a reason of application crash. beta 2008 December 27
 - Hotkeys to audio volume level changing.
 - Horisontal and vertical overscan can be specified for preview window.
 - Preview options like 'stay on top', 'as[ect ratio', etc now are stored
   separately for general and 'preview only' modes.
 - "iuLab Crop" and "iuLab Ad detector" filters are included. beta 2008 December 5
 - The progress window now displays a count of new channels found.
 - Fixed: Bug in the service filter may be reason of access violation error. beta 2008 November 25
 - Fixed: Bug in the startup sequence may prevent to load preset correctly. beta 2008 November 23
 - New option for destination dialog: 'Own timestamp for each segment name'
 - Fixed: For some formats a segmented recording works wrong.
 - Fixed: Frame format does not restore at startup correctly. beta 2008 November 9
 - Audio settings can be stored separately for each channel.
 - 'Clone setting' pup-up menu item for the channels pane.
 - Fixed: Circular channel switchin does not work.
 - Fixed: special characters in the channel name like '?' or ':' copies to
   recording file name.
 - Fixed: (Deluxe version) Analog device can be handled as digital and vice versa. beta 2008 October 28
 - The Logo detector filter now writes .cutl log file where possible 
   advertisement intervals are locates.
 - Fixed: Wrong video filters can be included in the "iulab only" mode.
 - Fixed: Crash in the frame format selection dialog. beta 2008 October 12
 - Now it is possible to set broadcast's end time instead duration in the 
   task edit dialog.
 - Task scheduler pane now indicate possible conflicts by red item background.
 - Fixed: Incorrect design of color space selection in the frame format dialog. beta 2008 September 28
 - WM_COPYDATA handler to assign file name remotely (for developers).
 - Improved time stamp filter now can be controlled by external software 
   (for developers).
 - New main menu item to create custom desktop shortcuts.
 - New command line keys: 
      /P: to load specific profile, 
      /dev: to run with specific device.
 - Deluxe version: New engine for BDA devices.
 - Deluxe version: actual/next events on the OSD.
 - Fixed: Profile loading routine launch preview even it is disabled. beta 2008 July 22
 - Simple OSD has been implemented.
 - Deluxe version: Additional check for NTSC DV.
 - Fixed: Audio mute state does not restore after preview restart. beta 2008 July 9
 - Support for motion detector has been implemented.
 - The Time stamp filter has been included.
 - Changes in the 'mute' routines.
 - Seconds can be specified now in the timer dialog.
 - Info about compression type now present in the log.
 - Fixed: The timer dialog does not strore last input time.
 - Fixed: Long switch time between fullscreen and windowed modes.
 - Fixed: Statistic go to zero during pause.
 - Fixed: Wrong fps in the statistic after pause. beta 2008 June 29
 - Scheduled record now starting after 25-sec delay to give PC to complete 
   a wake-up process.
 - Muxer configuration dialog can be called even during recording 
   (to see statistic only).
 - Autohide mouse cursor for preview window has been implemented.
 - New troubleshooting option: "Force audio stream connection for preview".
 - Fixed: Layout does not restore after "view only"/"full screen"
 - Fixed: PgUp/PgDown keys can not be assigned as shortcuts.
 - Fixed: Incorrect UI state after scheduled record done.
 - Fixed: Mute function does not work under some conditions. beta 2008 May 19
 - Support for GotView MPEG2 HW encoders has been implemented.
 - Some changes in restoring audio mixer state.
 - Fixed: Under some conditions a preset loading can be incomplete.
 - Several minor fixes. beta 2008 Apr 27
 - New option for destionation file name: "Prevent file overwriting". beta 2008 Apr 06
 - Fixed: Main window is absent after switch from fullscreen mode. beta 2008 Apr 06
 - Fixed: iuVCS always resets proc amp settings at startup.
 - Fixed: Stored UI layout can be restored incorrectly.
 - Fixed: The service filter can "eat up" a corresponded media type during 
          audio sample dropping.
 - New option to switch channels using a mouse weel.
 - Additional error diagnostic has been implemented in the frame format dialog. beta 2008 Mar 23
 - Fixed: Last loaded profile uses under scheduled recording even some
          alternative was specified.
 - Fixed: Selected channel item can be unvisible in the channels list.
 - Fixed: Wrong processing for VCR_NUMPADx command into the WM_COMMAND handler. 
 - Numpad digits now can be uses to set channel.
 - If channel is absent into the task file then last selected channel will used. beta 2008 Mar 16
 - Fixed: Wrong channel name is copied to file name under scheduled recording.
 - Fixed: ACM codecs are being presented into the audio filters list.
 - Fixed: Can not run under Win2000 since uxtheme.dll is linked statically.
 - The "filters" pane now has checkboxes to exclude filters instantly. beta 2008 Mar 10
 - Fixed: (Deluxe)  DV type1 record works wrong.
 - Fixed: Record line does not save to profile.
 - Fixed: Wrong stop sequence during instances switching.
 - Preview for AGP VIVO cards.
 - The CXF2 converter filter now inserts automatically if it is required.
 - Troubleshooting option "Force TV standard" to kick bad devices after 
    record has started.
 - Preview can be disabled now.
 - Keyboard shortcuts can be customized now.
 - Minor GUI improvements. beta 2008 Feb 25
 - Deluxe: Fixed broken support for DV devices.
 - Common: Fixed manual channel tuning.
 - Common: Profile settings now disabled if no device selected.
 - Common: Fixed "Audio stream absent" message when DV device uses. beta  2008 Feb 23
 - Deluxe version with software Mainconcept MPEG2 encoder available.
 - Fixed: channels pane is active when device has not channels module.
 - Fixed: Absent muxers still present into the muxers combo. beta  2008 Feb 14

 - Fixed: Crash by filter enumeration bug 
 - Improved statistic calculation for segmented format 
 - Encoder panel GUI changed.
 - New mouse functions for status bar beta  2008 Jan 25
 - Fixed: Problem with filters window.
 - Fixed: Wrong settings loading sequence. beta  2008 Jan 16
 - Fixed: Can not see the file writer filter under Vista.
 - Fixed: Wrong drag-n-drop behaviour in channels window.
 - Additional diagnostic messages.
 - Filters sorting in drag-n-drop style implemented. beta  2008 Jan 01

 - Fixed: Error after closing modal dialogs
 - The 'Setup' submenu has been re-arranged. beta  2007 Dec 30
 - Fixed: remote control handler does not work.
 - Now an alternative frame rate counter is used when device produce wrong statistics.
 - Alternative way is used to calculate file size if muxer does not return this data.
 - System notification calls to prevent go to slip mode.
 - VMR Mixing mode temporarily disabled.
 - Pause mode implemented.
 - MRU list for destinations folder has been implemented.
 - A brief shortcuts list has been implemented. beta 2007 Dec 9
 - Fixed: Incorrect GUI controls state after muxer has been changed.
 - Fixed: Incorrect GUI controls state after audio source has been changed.
 - Fixed: Audio stream config still present in memory when audio stream disabled.
 - Fixed: "Display only own filters" checkbox does not work.
 - Custom file extension can be specified in the mux_guids.dat file.
 - Channel sorting in drag-n-drop style implemented.
 - Channel list now remember width for each column.
 - Channel switching is now blocked during recording.
 - Updated filters version included: iuMirror, iuFieldSwap.
 - A logging for DirectShow messages implemented. beta 2007 Dec 3
 - Fixed: scheduled record newer starts.
 - Fixed: panes do not upade after audio source has been changed.
 - Fixed: wrong behaviour after audio stream disabling.
 - Dropless segmentation mode for standard AVI muxer implemented. beta 2007 Nov 26
 - Fixed: channels settings loaded twice.
 - Fixed: remaining space in statistic is always zero.
 - Fixed: can not use VFW compressor with fvAsfDirectWriter.
 - Implemented functions to control aspect ratio.
 - Implemented base for configuration dialogs.
 - Now it is possible to assign a country code for analog TV tuner. beta 2007 Nov 13
 - Fixed connection problem for combined muxers like asf direct writer.
 - minor UI changes. beta 2007 Nov 11
 - An exception handler added to "getStatistic" routine.
 - minor UI changes. beta 2007 Nov 10
 First public release beta 2007 Nov 05
 First internal release