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Tray Capture



iuVCR >> History

What new in build (15/10/07)
 - Improved support for latest realtek audio devices

What new in build (07/10/07)
 - Fix for resolution changing combobox
 - Improved iuDeinterlace and service filters versions

What new in build (06/08/07)
 - New command line switch /nosplash to hide splash window during startup

What new in build (24/04/07)
 - More simple layout for ugly frame format window.
 - New option "Disable format control" into the frame format window.

What new in build (20/04/07)
 - Fixed bug with multi-segment recording under scheduler.

What new in build (14/04/07)
 - Changes to MPEG2 encoder plug-in support.

What new in build (10/04/07)
 - Bug fixed: 0xfe10 error code under scheduled record session.

What new in build (09/04/07)
 - Some updates for help file

What new in build (08/04/07)
 - Audio resampler for TV tuners that produce only 32kHz audio.
 - mux_dat.bin file now located into the "..application data/iulabs/iuvcr" folder
 - some other minor improvements and fixes.

What new in build (24/12/06)
 - Support for "dump" writer added.
 - iuLab Mirror improved.

What new in build (26/11/06)
 - Changes into the preset loading procedure for audio device.

What new in build (27/09/06)
 - Fixed old stupid bug of audio crossbar routing.

What new in build (19/09/06)
 - A small audio level indicator on the "info" tab.
 - Record indication an the preview window caption.
 - New filter: iuLab Mirror.

What new in build (24/08/06)
 - "Remember password" option for scheduler.
 - New filter: FieldShift for horizontal field shifting.

What new in build (05/07/06)
 - Bug Fixed: The "/P:" command line switch crashes iuVCR if symbolic 
  preset name was specified.

What new in build (04/07/06)
 - Wav Dest muxer to record wav files.
 - Suspend mode appended for scheduled tasks.
 - 'Delete the task when it is done' option for scheduler dialog.
 - Changes for mux_guids.dat importing algorithm.

What new in build (01/14/06)
- New filter 'iuLab Fill borders'

What new in build (12/23/05)
- Bug Fixed: Too many skiped frames.

What new in build (12/20/05)
- Significant improvement of A/V synchronization in AVI files.
- Audio samples always short now (related option hidden).

What new in build (11/19/05)
- New option 'Force render' on the audio tab.
- Some fixes for crossbar control.

What new in build (08/10/05)
- Bug fixed: superfluous "i" symbol into the scheduler command line.
- Additional support for VH Screen Capture Driver.

What new in build (05/08/05)
- Bug fixed: Access violation when built in capture chip audio source selected.

What new in build (04/24/05)
- Bug fixed: Second instance of iuVCR can not close previous instance.
- Bug fixed: Wrong command line may be created into the scheduler dialog.

What new in build (04/17/05)
- Any custom muxer may store settings into the iuVCR profile.

What new in build
- Bug fixed: under Pinnacle DC10 preview is absent during record.

What new in build
- Some fixes for preview window.

What new in build
- Bug fixed: Wrong picture size in full screen mode.
- Some improvements for preview window.
- Diagnostic message if system scheduler unavailable.

What new in build
- Some improvements for preview window.
- Bug fixed: Error during installation.
- Bug fixed: Scheduled record cannot start.

What new in build
- "Asf" default extension forced when "Direct ASF writer" muxer by Vladimir Filippov selected.
- The motion detecror filter has been updated.
- Bug fixed: Fullscreen mode breaks desktop layout.
- Bug fixed: CAPITAL letters for output file name for scheduled records.

What new in build
- Bug fixed: PCI streamed audio is absent at preview mode.
- Some internal improvements into the frame format dialog.
- Some improvements to exclude windows taskbar area for full screen preview.

What new in build
- Several minor bug fixes
- Handler to new segment switch implemented.

What new in build
- Bug fixed: Access Violation for devices without crossbar.
- Minor improvements into the service filter.

What new in build
- Bug fixed: zero-length file for some options combination.
- Own algorithms to search crossbar and tv-tuner filters.

What new in build
- More safe procedure for crossbar searching.
- Bug fixed: Missing item into the tv standards list.
- More correct audio format assigment.
- New filter: iuLab Decimate.
- New option to disable switch channels by mouse scroller.

What new in build
- Bug fixed: Own mux did not work into the build
- Bug fixed: Wrong file size into the statistic for Matroska Muxer.
- Own muxer has options now.
- Timer button moved to main panel.
- "Apply setting to each channel" function implemented.
- "Copy log to clipboard" function implemented.
- More comfortable controls for log functions.
- Several new messages into the log file.

What new in build
- Bug fixed: mapped channels have zero values for brightness, contrast, etc
- Inputs mapping performs now during first programm launch only.
- Support for third party muxers implemented. 
- Matroska muxer (http://www.matroska.org) supported if this filter present into a system.

What new in build
- Automatic mapping to channels for SVideo and Composite inputs.
- Indicator for recording level.

What new in build
- New filter included: ECPSoft ImagePlus filter allows insert own logo.

What new in build

- New iuLab Field Swap filter included.
- A recording mixer line now restores after iuVCR shutdown.
- Bug fixed: Display go to the power saving mode during active preview.
- Bug fixed: Wrong processing for legacy /ch switch into the scheduler.
- The "Force channel index" option removed from the scheduler.

What new in build

- Bug fixed: Error during filter addition if Windows Movie Maker 2 present into the system.

What new in build

- Each channel has an unique Id now to prevent confusion after channel re-sorting.
- Drop-down list with channels inserted to the scheduled session dialog.
- Bug fixed: Video device Id does not store into the registry if first device selected.
- New iuLab Motion Detector filter included.
- New iuLab Deinterlace filter included.
- The iuLab Timestamp filter improved.
- Some changes into the filter insertion dialog.
- During uninstall procedure iuVCR will asks about removing settings from registry.

What new in build

- Bug fixed: audio is absent during preview for DV devices.
- Bug fixed: at some cases codec selection generate error.
- Bug fixed: bad spin edit behavior into the scheduler window.

What new in build

- Powerfull deinterlace filter by Alparysoft (http://www.alparysoft.com) bundled 
- Bug fixed: for DV devices codec changing fails during preview active.

What new in build

- Bug fixed: Preview freezes at some cases.

What new in build

- Bug fixed: unstable work with DV devices.

What new in build

- Filters list sorted now.
- Some changes into filters chain building procedure to improve stability.
- Channels stored also if tuner module is absent.

What new in build

- Bug fixed: noise during channels switching.

What new in build

- Bug fixed: EAccessVilolation error during iuVCR start if "don't record audio" item selected.
- Bug fixed: Two memory leaks.

What new in build

- Support for several tuner inputs if are provided by driver.
- Some changes into the "channels" tab GUI.
- brightness/contrast/hue/saturation now always forced before record starts.
- Bug fixed: Some sample rates are not available (was broken in

What new in build

- Support for audio out pins provided by video source filter.
- Improved compatibility with SAA713x-based cards.
- Improved presets tab.
- Each channel can remember specific crossbar settings now.
- Some changes into the switch to Full Screen mode routine.
- Limited FM radio support (playback only).
- Bug Fixed: Mouse weel do switch a channels when codecs combobox is open.
- Bug Fixed: Wrong statistic at the "info" tab when "pause" button used.
- Bug Fixed: The paused state don't reset after stop session when pause active.

What new in build

- Bug Fixed: Under scheduled session iuVCR stop but not close when signal vanish.
- Stop timer implemented. Call pop-up menu for "Stop record" button to activate.
- Some changes for GUI.
- Some changes for stream service filter.

What new in build

- Bug Fixed: wrong UYVY->RGB24 color conversion for screenshot 

What new in build

- Checkbox "Wake the computer to run this session" implemented into the scheduler dialog
- New graphics for some GUI elements. 
- Bug Fixed: empty main window after iuVCR run in "Minimized" state.

What new in build

- Bug Fixed: Incorrect WM_QUERYENDSESSION message processing.
- Windows animation effects removed.

What new in build

- New streams synchronization algorithm implemented into the own MUX/writer filter.
- The "iuLab Timestamp" filter have several options now

What new in build

- New filter "iuLab Timestamp"
- New option "Allow DV transport control" for DV devices
- Little changes and fixes for interface

What new in build

- Bug Fixed: No sound when capturing to DV format from analog video source does perform.

What new in build

- Bug Fixed: preview position does restore improper sometimes

What new in build

- Bug fixed: Broken hibernation routine.
- End time instead duration can be specified at the Scheduler dialog.
- New version of experimental MUX/file writer included

What new in build

- Fixed broken statistic calculation for DV devices.

What new in build

- Fixed ugly GUI under large desktop fonts.

What new in build

- The "Enable Preview" button have a little pop-up menu now.
- Preview windows moving algorithm changed.
- Some changes for crossbar inputs enumeration.
- DV devices detection procedure improved,
- A frame rate calculated more accuracy now.
- Fixed errors with manipulations for preview window under DC10+ cards.

What new in build

- New experimental MUX/file writer which allows to write segments 
  without a gaps.

What new in build

- Some fixes for Pinnacle Miro DC10+
- Fixed memory overrun when vfw codec does state saving.
- Some changes into filter enumeration procedure.
- The main window can minimize to tray now. 
- Some stuff for bad vfw devices filtering

What new in build

- The stream format dialogs must work more correctly now.

What new in build

- Some fixes for compatibility with Windows 98 system.

What new in build

- A support for encoding analog video to DV format implemented
- New filter named "histogram" included.
- Fixed another bug with audio routing in crossbar during channels switch.
- Some improvements for onesot mode.
- The "Short Audio Samples" option turned off automatically if non-PCM audio format was selected.

What new in build

- A little memory allocation bug was fixed.
- The "Oneshot" recording mode implemented.
- Fixed bug with audio routing in crossbar during channels switch.
- New option: "Stop when signal vanish".
- The algorithm of assigned names for segments changed.

What new in build

- The iuVCR will prevent putting the computer in the sleeping state now.

What new in build beta 4

- Fixed the "green drops at start" bug for Nvidia-based cards
- Folders autocreated now if not exist (under Win2000/XP only)
- Uninstall icons for iuVCR will not multiply more
- Some additional bug fixes
What new in build beta 3

- The "Shedule" tab will work under Win98SE now.
- Restored a capturing with "smart tee for preview" mode
  (Was broken in build 

What new in build beta 2

- A bug of audio format choice was fixed
- A correct names of DV devices displays now on the "video" tab. 

What new in build beta 1

- Support for DV devices implemented. 
- Presets now stored into system registry with unique device id instead simple index. 
- The sample grabber filter now unconnected while recording. 
- Some little bug fixes. 
- A new command appended to WM_COMMAND API.

04/28/2002 Version 4.0

- Some changes into help file (A many thanks to Steve Gunn for the help) 
- The preview window may toggle full screen mode by mouse double click 
- Log file now may be saved automatically when recording done. 
- Synchronization options were remade again. 
- An alternative fps/dropped frames detection added 

04/08/2002 Version 4.0 RC1

- Updated help included 
- Errors handling improved 
- A synchronization options were remade 
- Recording with timer implemented. 
- The "Start capture" button having pop-up menu now 
- Filters Manager improved 
- The "Snapshot" button having pop-up menu now 
- Splash during start added 
- Many bugs fixed 

02/27/2002 Version 4.0 beta5

- Still capture implemented 
- Pause function implemented 
- Some fixes for wrong mapping of the SVideo input to a channel 
- Other fixes. 

01/21/2002 Version 4.0 beta4 

- Hotfix for video codec appending failures. 
- Stroing and restoring settings for DirectShow video compressors implemented. 

01/20/2002 Version 4.0 beta3

- Fixed bug for nvidia wdm drivers: now error blue screen not appear. 
- Some changes for processing VFW codecs like divx 3.xx 
- New command line keys: /PWR:Off and /PWR:Hibernate for turn PC off when scheduled session done. 
- The COM interface is not supported any more. 

01/11/2002 Version 4.0 beta2

- TV-tuning was remade. Now several tunning mode can be assigned for each channel. Also mapping Svideo or Composite-In to "fake" channel available. 
- Scheduling now get new front-end instead standard system schedule dialog. 
- New command line key: /CHA: for absolute channel number assign 
- New command line key: /TVI:Cable and /TVI:Antenna for force tuner input selection. 
- Some minor bug fixes and changes. 

12/16/2001 Version 4.0 beta1 

- Filter manager implemented. You can use any DirectShow filters as plugins for realtime videostream processing. iuVCR 4 beta 1 include one original filter for image cropping. 
- Options tab remade. 
- Special experimental option - the "delay audio stream" for synchronically start video and audio streams was appended. 

12/03/2001 Version 3.11 

- Workaround added for solve muted recording problem with some wdm drivers. 
- More correctly processing for the "Mixing renderer" filter existing only into Windows XP. 
- Bug fixed: "Acces violation" message during capture start without audio stream. 

11/15/2001 Version 3.10 

- Several fixes for iuVCR work correctly under Windows XP and DirectX 8.1. 
- Bug fixed: "division by zero" message appear in some cases when capture session start. 
- Improvements for several identical devices support 

10/23/2001 Version 3.9 

- The "Max file time" option implemented for files segmentation. 
- The "One stamp for all session" option added. 
- Bug fixed: File overwriting when Windows Media Format using. 
- Now indexing control for Windows Media Format available. You can turn off indexing for prevent of delays during segment switching. 
- Statistic for Windows Media Format now work properly (require DX8.1 or higher). 
- Now iuVCR may work more 47 days continuously because the GetTickCount function is not used any more in the statistic routine. 
- New "Hide title bar" option implemented for preview window. 

09/19/2001 Version 3.8 

- TVAudio button for calling a standard TVAudio dialog added on the "Video" tab. 
- Bug fixed: "Stay on top" option don't work properly. 
- Bug fixed: iuVCR is not switching to capture automatically when /p parameter using into command line. 
- Several options added. 
- Now if .AVI file already exists iuVCR always will set new name for overwriting preventing. 
- The "Max file size" box now accepting any values. 

09/08/2001 Version 3.7 

- Recording .avi files without audio streams available now. 
- A second crossbar supporting now for ATI All-In-Wonder like cards. 
- Bug fixed: several same items are displayed in the video stream configuration dialog at some cases. 
- Bug fixed: during terminating of the iuVCR in some cases a exception occurs. 
- Changes in algorithm of numeration segmented files. 
- The list of video compressors now is displaying a DirectShow-based and VFW-based codecs with different colors and prefixes. 
- Some cosmetic changes on the 'Info" tab.

08/27/2001 Version 3.6 

- Settings for web cameras now also remember into presets. 
- New command line switch: /dev:. 
- Channels scan algorithm improved for TV-tuners without indication of PLL offset. 
- Bug fixed: the "access violation" trap when the "channels scan params" dialog cancel and switching to any channel performed. 

08/16/2001 Version 3.5 

- A special DirectShow filter developed and included to iuVCR distributive as workaround some fatal bugs of nVidia WDM capture driver 1.4 
- Bug fixed: in some cases sound switched off when capturing process started. 
- Option "Keep preview if available" removed as obsolete 
- The "Frame rate" box implemented into video format dialog box. 

08/12/2001 Version 3.4 

- Bug fixed: wrong work with some card families having a hardware overlay such as ATI, ASUS 
- Bug fixed: some video formats display incorrectly on "Info" tab. 
- Some other minor bug fixed. 

08/09/2001 Version 3.3 

- Help file extended 
- Bug fixed: Keeping sound when Preview to stopped. 
- Bug fixed: Override last selected channel with new frequency when /ch: command line parameter was used. 

08/06/2001 Version 3.2 

- Presets manager added. 
- Windows Scheduled Tasks integration implemented. 
- New command line switches: P, MUTE, NOTV, NOXBAR. 
- New option: "AVI compatibility index". 

06/20/2001 Version 3.1 

- Bug fixed: Audio compression work properly only during first capture session 
- Additional resolution (384x288) inserted to predefined resolutions list (3x4) 

06/15/2001 Version 3.0 

- Audio compression codecs available now. 
- Microsoft Windows Media Encoder integration added. 
- Some interface changes.

05/10/2001 Version 2.2 

- Bug fixed: Bad audio header parameters for stereo formats. 
- Bug fixed: Application is not autoclosed during batch mode.
- Now log combobox have a popup menu. 
- Number of log events increased. 

05/06/2001 Version 2.1 

- User interface revised: 
    One button instead two now using. 
    Full screen mode for preview window 
    Keyboard shortcuts implemented. 
    Statistic now placed on the "Info" sheet. 
- Some optimizations for internal algorithms make. 
- Some bug fixes performed.

04/18/2001 Version 2.0 

- Program distributed now as shareware. 
- Audio Mixer recording line params stored now. 
- Alternative, more comfortable dialog windows for crossbar and video stream settings (old dialogs available by right mouse button click). 
- Preview window now may be showed during capturing stream any format. This result obtained by means of "Smart Tee" filter using and require powerful CPU (at least 500Mhz). 
- Preview window now have popup menu with options. 
- New command line switches. 
- Some interface changes. 

03/05/2001 Version 1.2 

- Bug fixed: raising exception when capture mode started after preview mode. 
- Bug fixed: video standard was not memorized when channels list was empty. 
- New option: Preview may be keep during capture, if this available by driver. 
- Preview window parameters remain now. 
- Audio PCM formats now available for selecting. 
- If channel number set in command line exceed 200 it will interpret as frequency. (this mode did not tested!) 
- Some changes into the interface.

02/04/2001 Version 1.1 

- multiple device support improved. 
- User interface remade. 
- Preview now worked in overlay mode. 
- Channel scanning improved. 
- New command line switch "/F:". 
- Alternate locations for capturing easily now. 
- Statistic information about capturing extended. 
- COM interface for external control attached. 
- Some bugs fixed. 

01/10/2001 Version 1.0 

- First release.